Every Picture Tells A Story

The art gallery provides a wide variety of my original photographic artworks ranging in style from contemporary to traditional fine art photography and other types of visual art. If you're interested in collecting art or just enjoy looking at fine art, check out my collections below.

Art is important and helps you discover something new. Art sets the soul free. Here you will find that there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for modern abstract pieces that provoke thought, wildlife pieces that capture your wild spirit, or looking for something that reminds you of the small town country vibe. We have it all, ready and available for purchase.

We appreciate your support and thank you for your interest. I hope you find something you absolutely love.

'Burning Cherry Blossoms'-Abstract Art Collection

Abstract Art

Interesting non-specific shapes and objects made from random blurs, fireworks, spots, and color streaks.

'A Girl and Her Goat'-Americana Collection


Small town America feel that captures different aspects of the small town and country lifestyle from across the USA.

'Playful Pollinator'-Busy Bumblebee's Collection

Busy Bumblebee's

Macro photography that gives an intimate look at the work and life of bees.

'Afternoon Snack' -Butterfly Kisses Collection

Butterfly Kisses

Macro photography that gives an intricate look at the delicate life of butterflies.

'The Look of Vengeance'-Classy Black & White Collection

Classy Black & White

Completely compromised of black and white pieces that reflect a classic art noir essence and subtle softness from the light play.

'Look at Me'-Ducks in a Row Collection

Ducks in a Row

Quack, Quack, this collection is all about ducks from different perspectives...It's Quack-tacular.

'Covered Bridge'-Europe on the Go Collection

Europe on the Go

Some of my earliest work, the collection is comprised of aesthetic images from different areas across western Europe.

'Graceful Blooms and Granite Layers' -Exploring Textures Collection

Exploring Textures

Macro photography exploring the sensory aesthetics of different textures from various complex objects.

'In the Dock'-Healing Waters Collection

Healing Waters

Calming images of various bodies and types of water illustrating the various play and movement of water.

'Nothing But Love'-Man's Best Friend's Collection

Man's Best Friend's

Playful images of different types of pets and domestic animals that tug on the heart and display playfulness.

'Butterfly Brush'-Pretty Petals Collection

Pretty Petals

An intimate and sophisticated look at the qualities of various types of flowers and gardens that capture the organic realism of the natural world.

'Playful Parrot' -Wild Collection


A compilation of wildlife photography from different parts of the globe in both wild and captive settings designed to highlight and expose the essence of the wild spirit.


—Pablo Picasso

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